April 17, 2014

U Weight Loss Review

U Weight Loss is a Canadian weight loss clinic with their head office in Toronto, ON. Still fairly new, about 3 years old, UWL has clinics in most provinces now – to find a clinic near you click here.

UWL focuses on losing weight naturally and slowly, without muscle loss. There are 3 main focuses – detox and cleanse, hormonal balance and increased metabolism. There are very high quality supplements that go with the program – a base supplement that is manditory and extras that help increase your weight loss. The part that first got me very interested was the fact that the supplements ARE natural – no toxic pharmaceuticals – and made in Canada by Douglas Labs. The program includes a natural detox that you start with and repeat every 15-20 lbs you lose. It helps kick start your metabolism as well as get rid of the toxins in your body that everyone is subjected to on a daily basis from our environment. With the UWL supplements keeping your body fine-tuned and primed for ultimate weight loss, you just can’t go wrong.

Then there is the very, very easy to follow recipes. These are recipes that you select personally. You can choose from thousands of recipes for any lifestyle – even vegitarian (that’s me!). I’d been fighting with my DH (dear husband) for years about going vegitarian – he’s such a big meat eater it was an ongoing battle. But since getting the incredibly yummy and very nutritious recipes from UWL – it’s been so easy to get DH to eat vegitarian! AND he likes it. AND feels so much better (as I knew he would). The recipes are simple and easy to follow. You get them printed out to take home with a shopping list if you want. I’ve been going in every other day for weigh-ins and advice anyway, so I get new recipes then as well.

So the recipes are designed to ensure you get the absolute right amount of nutrition, vitamins and minerals every single day. But there is, as with every weight loss program, an exercise regime as well. This too is incredibly easy to follow. U Weight Loss gives you a pedometer. Yep, you clip it on and try to do as many steps a day as you can. So no matter where your activity level is now, you CAN do this. It’s easy to get 1000-2000 steps a day just doing your daily activities. Then, as your energy level increases (and it does!) you are so inspired to go out and take a walk that just gets longer and longer. Pretty soon, your baby steps are increasing your weight loss! So easy.

The support and advice of the UWL staff is fabulous. They are always there when you need them (within office hours of course). If you have a question or concern, it’s answered. If you want to substitute something in the recipes, they have suggestions. And it’s all done with a smile. The staff at UWL have a great understanding of what obese people go through and they are incredibly respectful and professional – very approachable and easy to talk to.

I highly recommend this weight loss program in Canada. It’s the first one that I’ve tried that I think is really going to do the trick for me. It’s easy to do, even the exercise, and already I’ve seen my lifestyle change so much in just a few weeks. And by the way, I already lost 7 lbs and 13 inches – in my very first week! Read some fabulous testimonials here.

If you do choose to try U Weight Loss, kindly let them know you read my blog! Tell them that you read Shannon’s bestweightloss.ca blog. The clinic I go to is in Ajax, ON.