April 20, 2014

Herbal Magic Review

The world of dieting and weight loss programs is unfortunately full of scams and people who just want to take your money. Dieting isn’t easy, and there are successful methods that can be used, and some really great programs. But then there are the ones that are more than a little dubious. Today we’re looking at Herbal Magic, one of the biggest weight loss programs in Canada. Herbal Magic have more than three hundred stores, and promise that you can lose weight easily in a healthy and natural way. But are they being up front? Here’s the low down on the good news and the bad about Herbal Magic.

Herbal Magic Diet Plan Review

What is in the Herbal Magic Diet Plan?

The Herbal Magic diet plan includes personal coaching, recipes and supplements. The supplements are 100% natural and some seem to be mandatory to the program. So you take their products and cook your own foods, much like U Weight Loss’ program. See their FAQs page for more information.

What are the Positives of the Herbal Magic Diet Plan?

There are some very good points about Herbal Magic’s program. Firstly, given that this is such a big company in Canada, there’s no shortage of locations, unless you live in an incredibly isolated area. Secondly, the plan itself is relatively straight forward, and has some great elements. There are weekly weigh ins, which can be very motivating for dieters, as well as a combination of low calorie dieting and counselling. These two things combined have been shown to be very effective in dieting, giving you the simple rules that you need to make good food choices along with the psychological support that you need to break bad habits. You get a personal coach, and the weight loss plan will be tailored to you and your needs, not to mention any medical conditions that you might have. On top of this, the base cost of the program is actually pretty cheap, as these things go. A year long contract on the plan costs around $1000, depending on location and any special offers at a given time, so you’re paying well under $100 a month, which isn’t a bad price.

What are the Negatives in the Herbal Magic Diet Plan?

The bad news though, is that your program contract fee isn’t going to be the only money that you have to shell out. On top of the program fee, the Herbal Magic plan requires that you spend an extra $250 or so per month on supplements. These two supplements, WM-2000 and Chromagic, are supposed to be the key to the programs success, and are absolutely a mandatory purchase. Now, that might not be so bad, if they actually worked. In fact, scientific research by many institutions has shown that there is insufficient evidence to make any weight loss claims about these two supplements whatsoever. Okay, that doesn’t mean that they don’t work, but it doesn’t mean that they do work either. And $250 per month is a lot of money to pay for something that might or might not work.

What is the Cost of the Herbal Magic Diet Plan?

The basic diet plan with Herbal Magic is actually pretty good, as are their prices. But those added herbal supplements kick your yearly plan costs up from around $1000 to around $4000, and that’s a lot of money. Especially when you consider the fact that the supplements might not do anything at all. It’s an easy diet plan to follow, but there’s no magic involved. The only magic is how Herbal Magic persuades customers to keep paying for herbal weight loss drugs.

Is this the diet plan for you?

It seems like a comparable price for a diet plan to me (they are all expensive!). This one sounds a lot like what U Weight Loss’ concept is all about but I’d want to know more about Herbal Magic’s mandatory supplements. Natural products and safe weight loss sounds great! Yet every dieter knows not all diets really work, call me a skeptic. If you want to save your money, go for Weight Watchers instead, at least they won’t have you force fed on mandatory supplements.