April 23, 2014

Canadian Weight Loss Plan Reviews

The aim of this section is to show what weight loss programs are available in Canada to Canadians. I sincerely hope that you choose a plan that is healthy and safe!

Even more important is what will you do after the weight is gone? Does the diet plan or weight loss program you choose provide maintenance assistance? CAN you maintain your new weight on your own? I highly recommend that you think about this. If the program you choose keeps you paying them money for maintenance, then who’s best interest is really involved? Not yours. It may be their pocketbook that benefits most.

In choosing a Canadian weight loss plan, you really need to think about the following important facts:

  1. Is the program healthy and safe?
  2. Is the program financially feasible? (if they push their credit card or line of credit on you, be careful! Don’t go into debt, this is not a realistic way to pay for your health)
  3. Is there one-on-one support to keep you honest and on the diet?
  4. Are the meals something you can make yourself or are they pre-packaged? I’d consider this one VERY important. If you can cook meals yourself, it is far more likely that you will also be able to maintain your weight yourself. Rather than being dependent on 3rd party products, forever.
  5. Can you maintain your new weight yourself? Does the weight loss program teach you how to make properly portioned, healthy and nutritious meals?
  6. Is there a physical exercise guideline involved in the program? If not, how realistic is that? Not very. Even a little bit of exercise is better than none!

Just keep in mind that any weight loss should be done safely and in a healthy manner. Rapidly lost weight is not safe, no matter what anyone tells you. The body needs to learn how to maintain it’s new weight and so do you. How you do that is entirely up to you. If you don’t learn how to cook healthy and nutritious meals and pursue a healthy lifestyle, the weight is not going to stay off!

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